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These are some bundles software programs we highly recommend.
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Recommended FREE FTP programs for managing your website
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This is our list of recommended SSH clients if you need to SSH into your account
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This is our list of recommended Web Browsers

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WinSCP 4.05
WinSCP is an excellent FREE SFTP and FTP Program for uploading your website.

You can visit their website at to download the latest version or to get more information about the program.
Filesize: 1.93 MB Putty
PuTTY is a great FREE SSH Client for logging into to account via command line.

you can visit their site at to get the latest version and to get more information about their products.
Filesize: 4 kB Firefox with Google Toolbar
Firefox is by far our recommended browser of choice, with thousands of plug-ins it can fit almost any need you have. Download the latest version of Firefox today and get the FREE Google toolbar as well, which includes many useful features, such as integrated Google search.

Click the image below to download

Filesize: 4 kB
Google Pack
Google Pack is a collection of great FREE software that will enhance your online experience. Get the essential software for your PC such as Google Earth, Picasa, Firefox, Skype, Adobe Reader and more. The great thing about Google Pack, is that it will automatically update your software to the latest version, without you having to constantly download new versions.

Click the image below to download

Filesize: 4 kB